52 self Portraits Aka P52 radness

Ahh. Where Do I begin?

Since this is my first official blog post, (yikes!)  I thought it would be fitting to blog about a personal project that I've  been apart of for the last 50 weeks. I initally decided to join this Facebook group called  P52radness in hopes of getting into the frame a little more with my kids. I have NEVER completed any photo projects that I've started and I really didn't have any confidence that I would complete this one either. But as the weeks went by,  I found myself taking out my tripod and shooting away. It was hard. So much harder than I thought. I'm not a huge "selfie" person as it is....and there is something so revealing about a true self portrait. It makes you want to run and hide. But here I was every week, not only contributing but sharing in our group as well. This group is filled with some of the most talented, inspiring, and uplifting women.  And I am grateful for all the friendships that have come from it. As I added my images to the group I would also add whatever it was I was feeling for the day. Sometimes it was long, other times is was super short. But whatever it was, there was always a feeling of acceptance and encouragement. 

I started this project to be in the frame with my kids more. I definitely accomplished my goal. But, in the midst of it all I realized that the self-portraits meant more. I not only wanted to be in the frame with my kids/family.  But, I wanted them to SEE me. It has become my journal for them. I want them to know that there are so many parts to me. Not just mom. So as uncomfortable as it was, I started to shoot alone. This was CRAZY HARD!! I could pick myself apart a thousand ways to Sunday. Eventually, I learned to say F*%$ it and did it anyway. These are for us...for them. Not for anyone else. And I know at the end of the day when my kids and grandkids are looking through old photographs they will not be looking for perfect. They will be searching for me.  

This small project has become so big for me. I will forever be grateful;  for the things that it has taught me, for the people I have met, and for the courage and self love that I have gained. 

Here are some of my favorites.