Beautiful Mom & Son beach session | Chicago Family photographer

This beautiful mom and son session seriously gave me all the feels. There is something so indescribably heartfelt when you see yourself in your clients. I saw myself in her...i saw myself in them. I remembered when my son was this small. I remembered the embrace, the playfulness, and the nurturing. Time passes so fast, I say this alllll the time. Only because I've seen it, with my own son. I'm incredibly grateful that I get to witness and capture these memories for another family. It brings me peace, and for a moment's time it brings me back. I know she will love these and look back someday, and remember this day, and that embrace, and the way he looks at her.  The beach was absolutely perfect to capture this connection. I'm so glad that we were able to bottle these memories up for them. It was a perfect evening, to say the least.